5 Reasons Your Life Is Better Without Drugs

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Anyone. who has tried to get sober will tell you that it is one of the most difficult things a person can do. This is because you usually have to not only conquer your own fears and insecurities, but you also may have to leave all your “friends and acquaintances” in order to rebuild an entirely new life. But, these same people will also tell you that if done right, sobriety is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding achievements in life. Of course, abstaining from drug and alcohol use doesn’t mean all your problems will disappear, but it does mean you will regain control over your life. Living a drug-free life means improved relationships, increased productivity, and more. Here are 5 reasons to live a drug-free life.

  1. Freedom From Dependance

For many, substance abuse leads to a physical dependence on your drug of choice. Ironically, this drug of choice leaves the addict with no choice at all on whether he or she is going to use or not. This dependence can be mental as with drugs such as Meth and Cocaine, or it can be a physical dependence was with Opiates. Addicts understand the prison of dependence. To not have control over your life is a life not well-lived. By overcoming physical dependence you get the power to regain control over your life and no longer let your life be determined by drugs and alcohol. Next to the spiritual awakening, this is probably the greatest gift of sobriety.

2. A Clear Conscience

The guilt brought on by addiction, and the subsequent choices made during addiction, can be overwhelming. The ruined relationships, broken homes, lost jobs, they all can be a weight to heavy to bear. Compound that with removing your coping mechanism (drugs and alcohol) and you can see why getting sober can be difficult. However, the joy one receives from being able to look people in the eye, to be confident that he or she is navigating a positive path, and to repair relationships, these are things you will not want to miss. Deciding to quit drugs and alcohol presents the opportunity to clear your conscience and make amends with those you have wronged. Although it may seem easier to be high and avoid confrontation of any sort, facing the consequences of your actions head-on will allow for you to move forward in your life. When you focus on making amends as opposed to avoiding the problem, you can begin to repair relationships you may have ruined while using. When you have a clear conscious you can wake up every day much more positive and ready to face the day.

3. More Energy

Oftentimes drug and alcohol use consumes your energy and your entire life. After you have detoxed and are in recovery, you will be spending less energy on worrying about when you can use next and the consequences of your use, and focus that energy on improving your life and adopting a new perspective. It is surprising just how much energy, both mental and physical, that an addicted lifestyle requires. Recovery allows you to focus that energy in a more positive direction. It is then that life begins to get really good.

4. Better Job Opportunities

It is incredibly difficult to maintain employment while using. By eliminating drugs and alcohol from your life, you will improve your reliability, concentration, and clarity. This will help you excel in your workplace environment and allow you to pursue whatever career path you are interested in.

5. Financial Freedom

For most, it is virtually impossible to have financial freedom during addiction. Addiction not only requires all your mental and physical energy, but it requires all your money too. When you addiction takes priority, it takes priority over your finances as well. Sticking to a budget, saving, or even paying bills can be so difficult when choices are made with addiction as a priority. By quitting drugs and alcohol, you can begin to achieve financial freedom.

These are only 5 of the reasons why life is better without drugs an alcohol. For some, drugs and alcohol can mean good times with friends and family, or stress relief from everyday. However, for those in addiction, these “party favors” can be all consuming. If you or a loved one is an addict who wants help, San Diego Sober Living is here to help. We hope that these 5 reasons life is better with alcohol will give you hope that life can be, and is, so much better without drugs and alcohol.

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