Positive Habits for Recovery

4 tips to stay sober during the holidays

Recovery is both a journey and a destination. Throughout both your journey through and to recovery, choosing to incorporate positivity into your life is always recommended as it can provide you with significant benefits that ultimately aid your journey to permanent sobriety. Positive habits are the crux of a life of permanent sobriety. We have seen what bad habits lead to in our life of addiction. If bad habits lead to destruction for us, then certainly positive habits should lead to life and sobriety. Let’s explore some of the most effective positive habits for a life of recovery.

1. Keeping A Diary/Journal

Keeping a diary or journal is a positive habit that is good for both those in recovery and those that are not. In fact, most people who are seasoned in life that did not keep a journal will tell you that they wish they had logged their life. Writing down your thoughts and experiences help you to remember the positive and avoid the negative in the future. Just a few minutes of keeping these daily logs may help to identify patterns of negative thoughts and identify ways to tackle and/or improve on these. Keeping a record of all the positive thoughts will allow you to recognize where these are occurring and guide you towards the continuation of ever-more positive experiences.  


A new set of physical habits will encourage the mind to follow. Again, a life of addiction usually leads to negative physical habits. Make today a day that you start creating new healthy physical habits that will last a lifetime. Good posture and a smile will help to make you feel more positive – and other people tend to react back in the same manner. By being aware of your actions and your surroundings, you could have more influence on your own happiness. Practicing mindfulness through meditation or yoga – or in the creative arts, for self expression, will aid positive thinking. Exercising daily, even if it is just a 10 minute walk, does so much good for the mind, body and spirit. Set a goal for yourself to try one of these suggestions for 30 days and see if you don’t feel better. We dare you!


Surrounding yourself with positive people will increase your own positivity subconsciously. It can be difficult to eliminate negativity in your life but the benefits of limiting or eradicating the effects of negative influences and increasing positive outlooks can have worthy returns. It is said that “you are who you hang out with.” This is what we call a truism. In addiction, we often hang out with people who will either further our addiction or won’t judge us. So now, in recovery, we must choose to hang out with people who will further our sobriety or won’t judge us. Next time you are with a friend, family member or within a group ask yourself this question, “Is this person/group bringing positivity towards me?”


Spirituality can help provide yourself with a sense of purpose, connect with yourself on a deeper level and also improve self-confidence and self-worth. Many people seem to find themselves connecting on a spiritual level inside buildings, especially religious buildings, such as churches, temples, monasteries etc. However, we also tend to find even simply going for a long walk can help people connect with themselves. 12-step recovery programs are adamant that you cannot get sober without turning your life over to the power and will of a higher power. These programs are famous for saying that you are powerless over your addiction and, therefore, you must have a new power to help you get sober. Find your new power and seek it just as much as you sought your addiction.

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