Returning To Rehab? Think About This

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Ok, so you relapsed. Many times this is considered the worst case scenario. Maybe you’re scared and immersed in uncertainty, and pain. This is normal. In some ways, it’s easy to think you’ve failed, but it’s vital to your well-being to push that thought away. Here are the reasons why returning to rehab will not only help you move forward, but also reinforce a foundation of wellness.

Rehab Offers Proper Medical Care

If you’ve struggled with detoxing from drugs or alcohol in the past, you understand that it can be a process that requires medical attendance to ease certain aspects of withdrawal.

Keep in mind, detoxification, should it be needed, isn’t treatment. Detox is the first step of resuming recovery. The next stage of treatment involves addressing whole-person health issues, including a deeper or different course of therapy and other aspects of behavior modification. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that since addiction is a chronic disease, similar to asthma or hypertension, the rate of relapse can be as high as 60 percent. A relapse in the management of an addiction is also a signal that the current course of treatment—which is often a combination of medication and therapeutic applications—requires modification.

You Need the Break

While not a vacation, inpatient rehab does allow you to step away from triggering circumstances, people, environments, or moods. NIDA refers to these as “stressor cues” that create obstacles in the path of recovery, especially in the first couple of years.

Choosing to return to rehab for 30, 60, or even 90 days, and/or committing to a comprehensive outpatient program provides direction for your return to recovery, without distractions. Allowing you to feel well and secure while using quality care resources.

Advancing Through Therapy

If you first entered treatment for substance use, eating disorders, or trauma, what you first discovered during therapy was only the beginning of healing. You might have also been struggling through co-occurring disorders that needed to be individually addressed with a certain level of care, or maybe you didn’t receive a clear diagnosis to move forward with a detailed recovery plan. Recovery is a process, a journey, and sometimes it takes a re-imagining or refocusing to get the recovery needed.

A return to rehab allows for new or additional therapeutic approaches, such as the inclusion of holistic options, a comprehensive family program, and others. These new methods aren’t so much about trying the latest fad as they are staying open to possibilities that maybe weren’t available to you before.

This isn’t to say that proven behavioral modification techniques such as cognitive or dialectical therapy aren’t still the backbone of treatment: rather, you’re able to build upon what you’ve learned, and continue to move forward.

Rehab can be Reconnection to Support Networks

Many feel that they are alone in their recovery journey. This can cause triggers to seem stronger, the decisions harder, each day can present more complications, whether real or perceived.
Choosing a rehab center that offers a thriving recovery community broadens the circle of accountability, valuable support, and meaningful relationships. San Diego Sober Living offers a robust sober living community that is associated with Soledad House Treatment for Women.

The work in recovery is an individual pursuit, but not an isolated one. Finding the people and professionals who will support your choice of wellness is easier than you think. Creating an intimate recovery community will provide the best possible rate of success for your new attempt at recovery.

Oftentimes, those in 12-step programs say you have to start over in order to begin your journey again. While you may want to start from the beginning with your steps, or whatever you choose, it is vital that you know that you do not lose the sobriety time you had. You were successful, if only for a day. Use this new opportunity in rehab to attach your recovery. You can do this!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us today! We can help because we have been there.

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