What is the Hardest Part of Staying Sober?

4 tips to stay sober during the holidays

Recovering from addiction is a continuous lifelong commitment no matter whether it is from alcohol, drugs, or both. Individuals and loved ones will have to work together continuously to maintain the individuals sobriety and ensure their mental health is kept in check.

Individuals who are currently addicted and supportive loved ones must understand that the rehabilitation process is not a cure for addiction. The rehabilitation treatment gives individuals the foundations for recovery and lifelong skills to ensure they have the opportunities to reach their lifelong sober goals. Many addicts believe that once they have finished the rehabilitation process, they are ‘cured’; however, individuals must work hard to control their triggers to ensure they do not relapse.


When individuals have decided to join the path to recovery, they have accepted that they need help and are mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to start carving out a new life for themselves. The rehabilitation process is one of the most challenging experiences an addict experiences; no rehabilitation process is ever the same. There is a range of parts within the recovery process that individuals often struggle with; this can include:


Many addicts struggle with their progress in the rehabilitation process. This is one of the most challenging experiences an individual could go through; not every day will be perfect. Do not look for perfect progression; simply look at your progress and reward yourself for how far you have come.


Addicts have to deal with various changes throughout their entire life; it is entirely normal and acceptable to feel completely overwhelmed with emotions. These feelings are part of the rehabilitation process that every person will experience.


Recovery is all about accepting your new life; while individuals may have accepted that they have an addiction, it does not mean they will happily accept the changes rehabilitation brings. Addicts will need to learn that there will be many hurdles along the way, such as:

  • Losing long-term friends and finding new ones
  • New career paths
  • A new outlook on life
  • A new type of social life

Learning to embrace these changes will make the transition more manageable as they reach a new part of your life.


The rehabilitation process is a highly challenging experience; each individual will find different parts of the process more difficult than others. However, the wounds from the addiction will heal in time, and all individuals involved in the rehabilitation process must learn not to get discouraged in times of doubt.

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