What To Expect In Addiction Group Therapy

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People who seek treatment for an addiction may benefit from addiction group therapy. Group therapy is not simply individual therapy in a group setting. Therapy in a group must be led by a trained counselor to be effective, and when done properly, it can help people struggling with addiction to resolve their problems.

Benefits of Addiction Group Therapy

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There is a special dynamic that takes place in addiction group therapy that has a profound effect on recovery. While many find benefits and succeed in one on one therapy, group therapy has its own benefits. We are social creatures; even the most introverted person may benefit from the human interaction of group therapy sessions. Here are three such benefits.

Reduces Isolation

Many people turn to addictive substances because they have difficulties relating to other people. They may have problems with interpersonal relationships and bonding. The reasons for this could include a variety of factors, from childhood trauma to mental illness, but they’ve chosen substance use as a way of escape. Consequently, isolation from others may be a way of coping. However, it could also be a trigger for further substance abuse. Group therapy helps reduce isolation by providing meaningful opportunities to connect with others.

Learn Lessons from Other members

In addition to the social aspect and isolation avoidance, members of group therapy are able to identify with the success and failure lessons of others. These participants discuss how they’ve coped with events of the week. They may talk about how they overcame a difficulty or even how they fell prey to temptation. When one person discovers a method for resisting temptation or avoiding a relapse trigger, it can benefit the whole group. If someone in group therapy talks about a situation, it will provide a living lesson for everyone in attendance.

Provides Opportunity to experience recovery in others

If you attend group therapy for a long time, you will witness the results of recovery for yourself. Seeing someone else transform and recover from substance use can be enlightening and powerful. It gives hope that you can reach that point in your journey. Seeing how a person moves along the journey from struggling to recovery is empowering for those who witness it.

Methods Used in Group Therapy for Addiction

Group therapy plays a special role in a person’s recovery, as stated above. However, when put in a group, some people may try to blend in and “passively” participate, which means they mostly just listen. Group therapists are trained to recognize these behaviors and to use special methods and techniques to encourage “active” participation. It’s vital that everyone in the group participates by talking and doing the addiction group therapy activities the therapist has planned. These activities will facilitate recovery.

People with coffee in addiction group therapy

Some of the methods and activities the therapist may use to encourage active learning include:

  • Role-playing activities.
  • Problem-solving exercises.
  • Group experiences.
  • Games.

The goal of group therapists is to make sure that all participants are active within the group. Each member navigates therapy differently. It is vital that all get the help they need. If you attend a group and you are not called on to participate, then that might not be the right group for you. We have spent enough time in isolation. No one recovers alone.

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